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Benefits of
Play Wisely
Free Trial Lesson

Don't miss the opportunity to develop your child's potential that will not repeat!

Play Wisely ® is a unique program:

  -  for children from 4 months to 5 years and up
  -  to develop brain and body confidence
  -  based upon the NASA research and the latest            scientific research

  -  inspired by Montessori aproach

  -  lessons also in English led by a certified coach

* for a group of 3 children when purchasing a lesson package









​2) SENSORIAL AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES to support child's fine and gross - motor skills. 

Play Wisely® program is based on:

1) UNIQUE COGNITIVE CARDS - intensive work with a special set of flash cards, which helps a child to develop mainly focus, concentration, recognition, memory and language skills.

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