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It’s all there in our name! We are all about playing…..wisely! Neuroscientists know that early, age-appropriate stimulation is critical to a child's development. In fact, children’s earliest experiences form the structures of their brains and build the tools they’ll use to make sense of the world for the rest of their lives.


Neuroscientists know that early, age-appropriate stimulation is critical to a child's development. In fact, children’s earliest experiences build the structures of their brains and form the tools they’ll use to make sense of the world for the rest of their lives. With that in mind, we’ve taken the latest and most robust neuroscientific findings on childhood play and brain development and used them to develop a curriculum that’s designed to optimize your child’s learning abilities and to give them the tools they’ll need to make their way through this quickly changing world. So that’s what we’ve built; keep reading to better understand who we are!

"Play Wisely®, a curriculum and pioneering developmental play system for little ones ages four months to 4 years, serves as a potential mechanism to jump start a child's intellectual and athletic foundation, something that may prove to help children learn more effectively during their formal education." 

Professor Eugene Galanter

Director, Psychophysics Laboratory, Columbia University


"Our Purpose is to inspire each child’s Brain and Body Confidence so later when a child discovers their purpose, passion or talent the wiring will be there to fully realize their dreams."

Coach Patty Hannan, Play Wisely Founder

Why is the Play Wisely​ ® program so unique?

Play Wisely® is an exciting and challenging game that promotes optimal development of the child's brain during the critical period of neural pathways formation from 4 months to 3 years. It also helps increase the efficiency of child's later learning.


1) FORMATION OF NEURAL PATHWAYS DURING CRITICAL EARLY PERIOD: Our goal is to "turn on and tune in" all brain cells and to establish solid neural connections that will form the basis of the child's mental and physical abilities. Just as athletes rely on training certain skill foundations to propel the quality of future athletic performance, PlayWisely® seeks to train the neuralcircuitry responsible for accurately detecting, processing, coordinating, defining and analyzing data for achieving successful learning and movement performance.


Experience that your baby or toddler obtains in the first years of life, changes the structure of his/her brain. Play Wisely® program summarizes the findings from the latest research and helps stimulate child's natural development. It also offers children the right activities at the right time respecting their psychomotoric development, enhancing their sensory, motor, intellectual, linguistic, psychological and social potential.


The program is designed not only for healthy children, but it can also achieve excellent results when working with children with disabilities such as Down syndrom, attention disorders, various dysfunctions or lighter forms of autism.

2 ) USING SPECIAL METHODS FOR MAXIMAL ENHANCEMENT OF YOUR CHILD'S DEVELOPMENT: Play Wisely® program uses a unique set of flashcards, which are a combination of images, sounds, words, numbers, colors, sizes and shapes. In connection with the Directionality Method for physical activities it forms a unique package for activities that brings your child the joy of movement, cognition and learning. Play Wisely® was developed based on a NASA's Johnson Centre research and uses the latest scientific research about brain development especially in the field of psychophysics and neuroscience.


3) IT'S BOTH FUN & LEARNING: Play Wisely® program maximizes the effectiveness of learning while it is still so much fun. The program does not focus primarily on traditional skills such as reading, writing, counting, and specific sports skills, but rather on developing navigational skills and processes that allow effective use of these skills. The program helps children improve neurosensory skills they will use later in school. When it comes to what they want to do what they enjoy and what they have talent , they will be able to fully realize your dreams !

Play Wisely® combines science, education and sport.



Play Wisely® helps develop particularly these skills:

  • Focus and eye teaming - eyes working together to attend appropriately

  • Tracking - smoothly following stimuli directionally within the visual field

  • Signal detection - the ability to attend one piece of data to the exclusion of others

  • JND - just noticeable difference of stimuli

  • Acuity - keenness of perception

  • Discrimination - differentiation of stimuli

  • Directionality - awareness of positions and orientation of stimuli

  • Sensory Property Coordination - recognition that motion, sounds and sights are intimately linked, allowing us to create expectations regarding the objects and actions of our world

  • SIP - speed of information processing

  • Pattern Recognition - the ability to organize data and detect meaning

  • Brain Region Interconnectivity - intertwining the specialties of the brain areas to process certain attributes that together enhance the interpretation of our world

  • Input/Output Efficiency - ability to coordinate appropriate and efficient responses to defined inputs

Play Wisely® Benefits

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