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Julia, mom of Richard 


With my son Richard we've attended many courses for children since he was 7 months old. They were all similar - children experienced their first contacts with peers, played out, danced or jumped around. When we come across the Play Wisely 

program, I realized what I was missing on all of these courses: they did not focus enough on child's development.

We've been going to Klára for 10 months by now, and for Richard it's still time he looks so much forward to (almost every morning he asks me if we're going to see Klára). Lesson lasts  for 30 minutes, but it is quite intense. His interest changed during those 10 months - initially he was excited about the toys, and the physical part of the program, now he loves the cards the most.
Klara is a positive and very pleasant person who knows how to get the child's attention and trust. I definitely recommend the Play Wisely program. 

Olga, mom of Noemi


Me and my daughter look forward each Play Wisely lesson all week long. 
Klara has an immense gift to gain the child's trust and attention. She performs the lessons the way that respects the individuality of each child, gives him a sense of achievement while creating space for new skills, so our little girl never gets bored and always finds something interesting and fun. 
The lessons are an inspiration to me as a mother, how to "play wisely" even at home. I definitely see how Noemi is improving, particularly her fine motor skills and I highly recommend this program.

Our Parents' Testimonials

Victor and Viera, parents of Tadeasko


Our son is ½ English and ½ Slovak. We started with Play Wisely programme 9 months ago and I chose to have English lessons. Although I had never seen the Play Wisely method before it has proved to be very effective. Our son can be very shy with strangers but with patience and perseverance on the part of the teacher he is now a confident performer. The system not only teaches numbers, colours and letters but also dexterity using both right and left hands, puzzle solving and various shapes.

I am very pleased with my son’s progress thanks to Klara’s efforts and will continue with Play Wisely for the fore seeable future and would recommend this programme for any child whether English speaking or Slovak.


In February 2013 I contacted Ms Klara with a request for the Play Wisely trial lesson. She actually started her wonderful program with us here in Slovakia. By now, we're starting our third package of 12 lessons. Do I need to add anything else? I would like to express huge "THANK YOU" for her admirable approach to children and the remarkable progress our son has achieved under her kind and patient guidence. Just to mention some benefits of the Play Wisely program - our boy has now developed rich vocabulary, loves more complex games, distinguishes shapes, colors, numbers and letters and he is looking forward to every Play Wisely lesson with his great friend - Ms Klara.

Pavel, dad of Sara and Emma

My wife Eva is the one who takes our girls to most activities. As they were so excited about Play Wisely I started to watch lessons on photos and short videos taken during the lessons and I finally went for a lesson in person. And it was an amazing experience!

Children basically work very hard, they are focused, concentrated and perform one task after another - all of that with a broad smile on their face. Our girls have fallen in love with some of the activities, so we had to prepare similar activities at home as well.
I really liked work in a group of children - when children practice social interaction too. In addition, the lessons can be taught also in English. Our children were so concerned with the activities and didn't even realized the language has changed from Slovak to English. Now they just do Play Wisely in English ... And regarding the coach Klara - our children are simply in love with her.

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